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If you need help with Runes, the Ancient Oracle, please fill out the Runes Support Form on this page. Support issues submitted will receive a response generally  within 24 hours. * (Note that all fields except name and email are optional, no requirements here, we're just curious where our Runes users are located)

We would like Runes, the Ancient Oracle to be the best Rune Casting program available, with all of the features that you would like to have available in a Runes Program. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please fill out the form and Send it to us along with any other comments you would like to add.   Please take a look at the Runes Help webpage and the Runes Frequently Asked Questions before filling out the form if you're having trouble running Runes, the Ancient Oracle.

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Runes, the Ancient Oracle Frequently asked questions and facts

1. Where is the "menu" for Features, Options, etc?

2. How do I choose a different Rune Spread to use in the program?

3. When you cast Runes by hand for a spread with multiple runes, the Runestones are supposed to be drawn from a pouch and placed in their positions within the spread in a certain order. Is this true for Runes, the Ancient Oracle?

4. Does Runes, the Ancient Oracle really work just like actual Rune Stones?

If you still need help with Runes, the Ancient Oracle, please fill out the Runes Support Form on this page.