Our Snuggling Buddy

In Loving Memory
April 15, 1979 - May 10, 2001
Forever In Our Hearts

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Forever In Our Hearts




A friend who shared our life with faithful and unconditional love.
You are so special.
You have given us so many wonderful memories we will always cherish.
Memories that you have given us to last a lifetime.
We will miss the way you always said "Ming Mow,"
and the way you slept next to me every night with your head on my pillow
and your paw in the palm of my hand.
We will miss your wonderful disposition, zest for life, and unconditional love
you freely gave to anyone you met.
Though you may seem far away, we know that you are with us in spirit.
As the years wore on, we were always there to give you the
tender loving care we freely gave as unconditionally as you did.
We fought for you and you always overcame yet another medical hurdle,
until that day
when your frail little twenty-two year old body just couldn't give anymore,
and you let us know that it was time to let you go.
With breaking hearts we said our good-byes until we meet again on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge."
You brought so much joy, love, and laughter into so many lives.
You taught us a great many things, our precious "Dukey,"
Beef Kitty misses you so much too.
She has been looking all over the house for you, and sleeps on the blanket the two of you napped together on every day.
Thank-you for allowing us to know you,
your love, and for always trusting us.
We love you, our precious "Dukey."

His Memory Will Remain
April 15, 1979 - May 10, 2001

My name is Zeboriah, and I'm 22 years young !

Hello, I'm Zeboriah. My humans call me "Ming Mow" because that's what I say all the time.
I was born in 1979, and I'm 22 years young right now.


Here I am 1 year old. (Waiting for dinner)

I'm half Bobcat and half Maine coon. I was one year old in this picture.


You're not supposed to be watching me do this !

As you can see, I'm toilet trained.


I'm NOT having fun here !

Here I am getting my regular check-up with my favorite veterinarian, Dr. C


I always get the last word in !

Dr. C says I'm a very opinionated kitty


Beef Kitty is my best friend

Friends Forever

Beef Kitty and I love to cuddle up together for snoozes


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