I'm just a baby. (Look at the size of those ears!)

My name is Zippy, and I'm just a baby. This is my very first day in my new home. I like it here already!
I only weigh 1 pound and ten ounces at the moment, but I plan to grow into these giant ears pretty quickly.

Chesapeake is my best buddy !

I adapted quite well to my new home the first day I came here. My first new friend is Chesapeake.
We became good buddies almost immediately.
He watches over me to make sure I don't get into any trouble.

Here I am relaxing on a very hot summer day.

I'm a growing kitty. I was trying to eat all of Chesapeakes food, but he was getting upset about it.


Beef Kitty also became my good friend after about 3 days of watching me "zip" around and explore my new home.
It's nice to know that everyone likes me here.

I have lots of new friends!  Here I am relaxing with Beef Kitty.

Friends forever.


Here I am at my first doctors appointment. I just got here, and still don't know why I'm in this strange place instead of my nice new home!

I'm not sure if I like it here, I'm getting very upset!  Can I go home now?


Except for that darn thermometer and shot, I guess that wasn't so bad.
Dr. C says I'm healthy, and in "full Zipster condition". 

Doctor says I'm healthy! Can we go home now???


Be sure to come back and visit often, as I will be growing up and there will be new pictures and more adventures to come.